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Дорожно-транспортный институт
Дирекция института
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Дорожно-транспортный институт


Road and Transport Institute

The Road and Transport Institute is one of the largest at the university with more than 1000 students today.

The faculty has 5 chairs, training ground of Construction and Road Machines, and also a number of educational and scientific laboratories. Besides, the staff of the institute makes researches on the basis of research institute of vibroacoustics and town planning in a construction complex, the scientific and test center «Ekodor».

In order to improve practical training of future specialists some branches of chairs of construction machinery and mechanical engineering, construction and exploitation of roads, design of roads and bridges directly on production were formed.

The institute has highly qualified - teaching staff, which includes more than 13 Professors, Doctors of science, more than 50 Associate professors, candidates of sciences, and among them there are 7 academicians and 4 corresponding members of various academies of sciences. In all specialties a full-time postgraduate course exists.

Students of the institute are trained in the humanities and social and economic, mathematical and natural sciences, general professional and special disciplines.

During the educational process students attend lectures, practical classes and seminars, perform practical and laboratory works. At the end of a semester before session, students pass tests, defend course works and projects.

The institute is famous for its long sport tradition. The institute has a Chair of Physical Education and Sport providing students with a few well-equipped gyms, where they have an opportunity to go in for sports in their free time. Besides, students can participate in amateur performances and in student's research work. The University has one of the largest library in the city.

Upon completion of training graduates can be sent to work according to their specialties and wishes.

 Graduates of our institute can be met at many industrial enterprises and the research organizations of Russia, construction and road departments, in computer firms, in design departments and departments on construction of bridges and other organizations.

Besides, many of our graduates work in construction management, armed forces, in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, in higher and secondary specialized institutions.

Direction of training



Form of study

Terrestrial transportation-technological complexes

Lifting and transport, construction, road machines and equipment





Maintenance of transport-technological machines and complexes

Service of transport and transport and technological machines and complexes





Construction of Unique Buildings and Structures

Construction of highways, airfields and special works


Civil engineer



Terrestrial transportation-technological facilities

Lifting and transport, construction facilities and equipment




Civil Engineering






Civil Engineering

Road bridges and tunnels



Construction of railways, bridges and transport tunnels


Railway engineer



Director of the Institute - Eremin Vladimir, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Professor

Vice Director - Volokitin Vladimir, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor

Vice Director - Tyunin Vladimir, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor

Vice Director - Podkuyko Natalia, Lecturer

Contact information:

Tel: (473) 271-50-93

Address: 394006, Voronezh, 20-letiya Oktyabrya St., 84, Building 4, of. 4407 (secretariat), 4405 (vice director), 4401 (director)

E-mail: dt@vgasu.vrn.ru