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Faculty of Pre-University Training

Those who wish to have more profound knowledge for admission to the University may take additional training at the Faculty of Pre-University Training (FPT).

The task of the faculty is to develop a flexible system of the educational process combining different forms and terms of training as well as to prepare senior pupils for admission and successful study and future professional activities.

Out-of-the University «Open day» VSUACE (Voronezh State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering)

            The university actively conducts vocational guidance work at schools. The FPT together with the University staff weekly visit secondary educational institutions in Voronezh and neighboring regions leading discussions with senior pupils about the University, faculties, specialist areas and other topics which concern pupils.

Forms of pre-university training

1.      Profile classes

At present cooperation contracts have been signed with Voronezh schools as well as with schools of the Voronezh and Lipetsk regions: school № 12, school № 27, school № 45, school № 51, school № 55, school № 87, school № 92, school № 40, school № 16, school № 6, school № 93, school № 2 (Pavlovsk), Anninsky lycée (Anna), school № 2 (Boguchar), school № 25 (Rossosh), school № 6 (Kalatch), Russkozhuravsky school (Verhnemamonsky district), Bazovsky school (Olhovatka), Kantemirovsky lycée (Kantemirovka), Talovsky school (Talovaja), school № 1 (Povorino), school with profound studying particular subjects (Тerbuny, Lipetsk region), school № 2 (Kamenkа). According to the contracts, at sponsored schools starting from the 10th grade, the University provides classes on the disciplines to be taken at the examinations or competitions for entering at Voronezh SUACE.

Classes in Voronezh schools are conducted once a week, in the districts of the region – by lecturers of the University visiting schools.

2.      Preparatory courses

The course classes are conducted by leading professors, associate professors, senior lecturers having the experience in admission commissions, possessing modern methods of teaching, having good knowledge of school curriculum and standards of admission tests.
The program is planned for the actual level of ordinary pupils’ knowledge, but worked out profoundly, taking into account individual features and current requirements for admission to the University.

Now evening and Sunday courses have the following terms of training:

1. 8-months (from October, 1st till May, 31st);

2. 6-months (from December, 1st till May, 31st);

3. 4-months (from February, 1st till May, 31st);

4. 3-weeks (from June, 22nd till July, 15th);

5. Special-purposes courses (1 stage - January-April, 2 stage - June-July).

 Preparation of pupils is carried out on the subjects to be taken at the entrance examinations and the Unified State Examinations (USE):

1. Mathematics (preparation for the Unified State Examination)

2. Russian (preparation for the Unified State Examination)

3. Physics (preparation for the Unified State Examination)

4. Social science (preparation for the Unified State Examination)

5. Computer science (preparation for the Unified State Examination)

6. Drawing

7. Composition

8. Principles of colour harmony (colouring)
 In order to improve the quality of training at base schools the faculty:

- accomplishes an intermediate knowledge control system of  pupils of the base schools in the form of diagnostic tests in all subjects of entrance examinations, with an obligatory rating of each pupil;

- provides pupils of the base schools with necessary  textbooks;

- helps schools in selecting lecturers for profile disciplines.

Dean of the Faculty - Panteleeva Olesya, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Contact information:

Tel: (473) 277-02-97, (473) 271-52-12

Address: 394006, Voronezh, 20-letiya Oktyabrya St., 84, of. 1229

E-mail: dovuz@vgasu.vrn.ru