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Faculty of secondary professional education

In 2008, the Academic Council of the Voronezh SUACE considered and approved a state on the need of creation of the Faculty of secondary professional education.

Faculty of secondary professional education as the structural division of the Voronezh SUACE trained mid-level professionals.

In 2015-2016 academic year, the Faculty is going to enroll students on the base of secondary education (11 classes) and on the base of basic general education (9 classes) in the following specialties:

- «Design (on branches)»;

- «Economics and Accounting (on branches)»;

- «Land and Property Relations»;

- «Construction and Maintenance of Buildings and Structures»;

- «Installation and Maintenance of Internal Plumbing Systems, Air Conditioning and Ventilation»;

- «Information Systems (on branches)»;

- «Construction and Maintenance of Roads and Aerodromes»;

- «Installation and Maintenance of Equipment and Gas Supply Systems». 

The main educational programs on the specialties are licensed and passed the state accreditation.

Enrollment is carried out on the base of an average score of the certificate on education. Specialty «Design (on branches)» suggests to take an entrance test - creative examination.

Education is realized on a budget as well as on a contract base.

At the end of 2014-2015 school year, students of the faculty were awarded diplomas in «People's Choice Award» in amateur arts festival «Student Spring 2014», in the competition «Mr. VSUACE», diplomas for the third place in the vocal competition «Two stars», in the interdepartmental game «KVN» for the cup named after N.S. Petrosyants, diploma in the nomination «The best folk dance» in the amateur arts festival «Student Spring 2014». KVN team of the Faculty of secondary professional education «Dolphinarium of Igor Nikolaev» took second place in the regional competition.  

During the training on educational programs of secondary professional education students without secondary (full) education, have the right to deferment from military service. The student may exercise the right to reprieve on Bachelor Programs.

Our graduates are demanded by employers. Practical training is realized on the construction sites of the city of Voronezh, namely: JSC «Voronezhagrostroypromkomplekt», JSC «Voronezh-Dom», JSC «Domostroitelny kombinat», LLC «IE KIT», JSC «Voronezh Civil Engineering Department -2», Ltd. «Vybor».

The concept of continuing professional education, realized in Voronezh SUACE is also based on the phenomenon of self-determination of teenagers of early school age. Ninth-graders obtain not just one of the most prestigious professions, but also are actively involved into scientific work. And by the moment when their contemporaries only complete general education cycle and enter the way of professional education, our students are already actively engaged in research and project development, often having several scientific publications.

Students of the faculty of secondary professional education are annually awarded with diplomas of international, national scientific and practical conferences. More than 80% of graduates continue their educational path at the level of undergraduate specialties, combining the development of higher education and employment on the base of their specialty at the faculty of secondary professional education.

Graduates of the faculty have a preferential right to obtain higher level of education. Admission to studies on educational programs of higher education for graduates of the faculty of secondary professional education is realized through the inner entrance test. Students having secondary professional level are enrolled in Voronezh SUACE at the first year of study, according to an individual plan, including acceleration.


Name of the Specialty


Form of study

Construction and maintenance of buildings and structures



Installation and maintenance of equipment and gas supply systems






Land and Property Relations

Specialist in Land and Property Relations


Construction and Maintenance of Roads and Aerodromes




Dean of the Faculty - Sergeeva Svetlana, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor

Contact information:

Tel: (473) 271-70-48, 89056555885

Address: 394006, Voronezh, 20-letiya Oktyabrya St., 84, of. 7608, 7610.

E-mail: sergeeva@vgasu.vrn.ru